Sunday, February 7, 2010

Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

Lets today we will talk on simple seo tips that make your basic seo work. Hope this will helps to SEO Beginners.

Seo changes all the time, as your competition grows you need to try new ways of staying at the top. Here I have discovered some basic seo tips for begineers. Applying them will get you  track on your seo journey to success.

Keyword research

First thing to work on is You must decide which keywords you want to achieve high ranking with. If you type in your url on the google search bar, of course you are going to appear at the top. But what about when your potential customer types in what they are looking for, will you be at the top then what will happened? Decide the keywords you are going to include in your website and use some keyword suggestion tool and also check some other sites related to your site theme. It will help you determine the keywords. Don't just stick to one worded keywords, achieving high ranking with long tail keywords will increase your websites success. Use more keywords and key phrases to be searchable in almost every search that can be done by your customer.

Analyze competitors

Find out who are your competitors, who can beat you to the top ten spots for your keywords. You then need to analyze these websites and see what they are doing different to you. You can use my free seo tool. The information in the free report will provide you with valuable information that will help you beat your competitors.


The title of your each page on your website should be different, this is very important. Google will penalize you if the title is the same on every page.

Title Optimization

That is must thing you have to assure that your page titles should include your keywords. They should be readable and in appropriate grammar. Don’t do keyword stuffing. Remember that your title is what will attract a visitor. Make the titles appealing, paying attention to this will increase your ctr (click through rate).

Meta tags

Meta tags are concealed codes that are placed under your title tag. They are not essential and debates are still going on regarding their importance. I suggest you to  only put them in once you fully understand them. If you get them wrong you could be classed as spamming. My free seo tool will analyze your meta tags for you and tell you if you have got them right.

Don't repeat the same word more than twice; you will be classed as spamming.

Content (Text on Pages of your website)

Content is one of the most important tasks that will make or break your seo campaign. Google loves fresh and original content. One mistake beginners make is to copy content from another source. Don’t do this thing. Google is clever and will sand box your website. Please do make sure that  your page content is your own.

Scatter your keywords in your content lightly But Make sure your keyword density stays under 5%.

Apply Headings

Headings such as h1 and h2 will tell google spiders that the texts in these headings are important. Include your keywords in the headers, but again, make sure they make sense.

Title and ALT Attributes

Don't leave these blank, by including a short description or keyword, you are telling google that these links are important.

One way back links

I advise you to make back links to your website. If you get a link from a website with a similar topic as yours, google will see your site as important and index you quicker and higher.


A site map will tell google about your web pages. Sitemap will help google index more of your pages.

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