Sunday, February 14, 2010

Negative On Page SEO - On Webpage Optimization

Negative on page seo techniques

Unethical On Page Techniques: (Unsavory/ Black Hat On Page Techniques)

There are several different techniques known as "black hat" or "unethical" On Page Techniques. Some SEO companies engage in these types of activities and should be avoided. Sooner or later the search engines will catch up to these unethical techniques and the likely result will be your site being demoted or banned from the search engines. I advise not to use unethical seo techniques.


Negative ON Page SEO Techniques Include:


Hidden Text or Invisible text on web pages

Avoid Using "hidden" or invisible text on your page for the purpose of higher search engine placement. For a case the words/text for search phrase "Car" in the html, the font color has been set to White. The background of the page is also white. Therefore the textual content is actually there, however the words are "hidden" from the surfer. This is frowned upon by search engines and often results in your site being penalized. 

Negative Div Tags

Avoid Using Negative

html tags. Div tags, Div tags are division tags. Crooked seo services may insert them into your page with negative x/y coordinates to place content outside of the visible page for the surfer, but the text itself is in the html page. The search engine finds the keywords in the text, yet the surfer does not see it. Again I am saying this technique to be avoided and not recommended under any circumstances.

Avoid Cloaking or Sneaky Redirects. Cloaking refers to serving up to different types of content based on the visitor who is visiting. Is the visitor a regular web surfer, serve up this page. Is the visitor a search engine spider? Serve up this OTHER page specifically for the search engine spider. The other page being served up is typically garbled textual content with no meaning to a human, and is stuffed with various keywords and search phrases. Again this technique is not recommended and will likely get your site penalized or banned from search engines.

Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content means you create one web site, with content on topic a, and then repeat the content over and over again on multiple websites. In theory you could create one website, achieve high ranking on it, and then clog up the search engines with the same content duplicated on multiple domains. Again this is not recommended and should be avoided.

Don’t use these Black hat seo techniques to make safe your website from being punished by Google penalty scores.

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