Monday, March 1, 2010

How to improve conversion rate for website


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a measure of the number of prospective customers that go on to purchase. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a buy. Many websites concentrate only on increasing the number of visitors they have. If they solve some minor problem their site has they would have a vast effect on their conversion rate and improve their site's base line at minimal expense.

How to improve website conversion rate?

Here are some special website marketing strategies that will help boost you conversion rate for your website:

A well designed website should make it easy and simple to buy from.  The key area that help you to improve conversion rate by using a professional layout and design, making it easy to navigate and easy to use, as well as “cross-compatible” for each of the common web browsers.

Professional Layout and Design
Having a professional layout and design is important to indicate your users that you are trustworthy.  Nothing destroys your credibility or trustworthiness like an unprofessional website design or poorly written content.  The user will be fairly suspicious and very doubtful of buying from a poorly designed website. People will simply not buy from a site they don’t have confidence in, clear and simple.

Easy Navigation 

Make your website easy to navigate. Making the site easy to navigate includes having navigation elements in usually conventional locations on the site.  In general, customers typically suppose to have that your overall navigation elements will either be at the top of the page and in either the left hand or right hand columns on each and every page. 

User noticeable Buttons and links

If you will use specific user noticeable buttons or links to website that reach to your major product and services you want to make buy user simply turns to that page automatically. Gain your prospective customer’s attention towards the main service you are having. Put noticeable big button on top of the page so it can be clicked and improve your conversion rate.

Capture attention and interest

Capture attention and interest of your prospective customer that visit your website. If you are selling products, there is no way that a visitor will buy from you without reading your sales page initially. For this you have to make your headline such that it must capture the visitors' interest. Think and Use attractive, put benefit-oriented headline that could make their eyes and fingers pause, click the back, and close the competitor's page from their browsers. It must be compelling enough so that they can't resist reading your sales copy with piqued interest. So when doing website marketing, be sure to capture their attention and interest first.

Offer Different Payment Options

It is quiet obvious to have different payment options, but you should offer the user a reasonable selection of methods of payment. Not everybody has a credit card, and those that do don't always want to use them. You don't have to accept cheques, but when deciding on payment methods, consider alternatives to the usual methods. Make the user's life easy and give them what they want.

Don't Waste Time of your visitors

One of the biggest mistakes sites make is asking for too much information. Your conversion process may be sale, or it may be a request for information. Either way, don't waste the user's time asking for things you don't need to know. This is, of course, doubly important when it comes to asking for information the user deems private, and that they don't want to give out without good reason.

Be Memorable

Being memorable, and making sure you stick in the user's mind. A good website will include information. A poor one is just an online catalogue. Information (articles, advice, reviews and so on) all help the user early in their buying process. Users start with research online, just as they do offline. If you can make contact with the user at that stage of their process, and give a positive impression, there is a good chance that they will come back and buy from you when they finally decide to make a purchase.

Build Credibility with “Trust Signals”

 “Trust signals” are those website elements that provide reassurance for your customers that your website can be trusted to purchase from.  Trust signals can dramatically improve your conversion rates.  Building credibility with your users and providing them with information that demonstrates your trustworthiness is crucial.  Some commonly recognized trust signals include the following:
  • Providing a physical address instead of a P.O. Box
  • Telephone number (with answering support)
  • Privacy policy clearly marked
  • Reassurance logos (Verisign, TrustE, BBB)
  • Testimonials and guarantees

The Conclusion of this whole talk, 

Be convincing because it sparks them to act.

Be special because your offer is different from what they can get elsewhere.
Show Benefit because they have to get value out of it.

And improve your sales by making high conversion rate for your website.


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