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Importance of Meta tag keyword to bring high rankings to website

Importance of Meta tag keyword to bring high rankings to website

We know that to obtain high search engine rankings what required is to put the keywords that you want to rank high with into your Meta tags.

Keyword tags are an important element in all web pages. This is because keywords are the taglines which link our search for an item with a website dealing with that particular item, or an item closely associated with the product we are looking for.

The keyword tags of a certain website immediately allow a search engine to understand the intended keyword of the page. If our search matches the keyword of the site therefore the page is high up on the search results thrown up by the Engine. Is that so?

If it were that simple, we indeed are out of work.

· How many of you have obsessed over meta tags such as the keyword tag?

· Are we able to cover all keywords?

· Is possible to put every relevant keyword you could think to keyword meta tag?

· Have you tried to put commas or NO commas between the keywords?

· Have you tried to put Space between the keywords?

· Have you tried to put ALL CAPS in keyword meta tag?

· Have you tried to put Plurals between the keywords?

Lets start our discussion with

What Does This Meta Tag Look Like?

This Meta tag is usually placed beneath the title and meta description tags in the

section of your pages' HTML code, like this:

your title goes here

Stop Worrying about Meta Tags,

When it comes to achieving top search engine rankings how big role do keyword tags actually play?

This is a simple question with no easy answer.

The answer varies depending on which search engine a marketer is targeting.

The altering valuations search engines place on these tags.

Earlier days this Meta keyword tags were a great tool for the search engines to use to help them determine how to rank sites in their search results. When the engines' databases were small, this meta tag was a quick, easy method to help decide which keywords might be important on a site.

However, as always happens with anything this simple, people began to abuse it. People (spammers) began to put keywords into the meta tag that had nothing to do with the content of their site. It’s really having no logic, because it brings in untargeted visitors but apparently the goal was to bring in traffic, period.

Eventually, less and less weight was given to poor abused meta tags, and more and more weight was given to the actual content of the pages.

Today the Meta keyword tag is quietly living in its endorse home and is fairly irrelevant to getting a page ranked high. If you were pressed for time and had to give up one meta tag, this would be the one to give up. To be sure, some engines still do index the words within these meta tags, but it appears that they use them as a minor supplement to the text in the body copy and title tags of your Web pages.

Do we have to worry about Meta Keyword Tags?

As the search engines use a wide variety of factors to determine site rankings, optimizing a page to rank high is a collective effort. You should use everything available to you that the engines might give some weight, and therefore you should certainly use meta tags (including the meta keyword tag), along with every other legitimate, acceptable technique available.

At best, it may help boost your site a bit in those engines that still read them. At worst, it won't hurt your rankings, unless you blatantly keyword stuffs them.

What to put in Meta Tags?

· You can put the keywords used in the title of webpage in the meta keyword tag.
· The first words in any tag are assumed to be given more weight, so these are most important.
· You can use this, go through whole page, on each paragraph of text on the page and take any important phrases that might be used in the copy and paste them into the Meta keyword tag.
· Now separate the phrases with a comma and no space.
· You can also use commas at all in this tag, that is basically the same thing, since most engines appear to treat commas as a space.
· Now you have almost every important word or phrase from the text on the page, you can ass some common misspellings of some of these same words.

Keyword tag can be useful if you use it by worthy writing, don’t abuse- do not use keyword repetition.

You can try yourself by using keyword tag with your own website by .Wait a couple weeks and then do a search on the major three search engines. Now you will know the true importance the keywords tag plays in SEO.

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