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Search Engine Results Fluctuation-Why Google Search Results fluctuate periodically?

Search Engine Results Fluctuation 

Why Google Search Results fluctuate periodically?

Have you check your website ranking in Google search engines recently?
How is your website ranking?
Are you still at the same position where you were on last searched?

Current days I can see allot of webmasters including me are experiencing the website fluctuation and falls in ranking, rapidly. This is not just limited to Google page ranking only, since the yahoo search is now run by bing search results, the three major search engines now share a lots of similarity and ranked website with really common fact. Search engines want to find the most relevant websites for the keyword searched, and they preferred clean good website! Does that mean your website is not clean or good?

Search engines updating their search algorithm from time to time, some do it every month, and some do it more often. The need for this is to fix earlier weakness in search algorithm and implementing a more advance search filtering system that will display out poor website, and recommended the best website for the keywords user input.

Here are some of the mistakes done within the website why most of the time a website suffering drop in search engine ranking.

  • Domain popularity & authority, whether your domain name gaining popularity and importance making this possible fluctuation.
  • Domain age; is your domain name new or is it 10 years old? Age of website meters when it comes in consideration of trusted websites.
  • Content Updates; how often you update your website adding new Fresh content?
  • Content spamming, too many duplicate content or repeating content key phrase.
  • Keyword Spamming, anchor tag spamming etc.
  • Neighbor hood; Check outbound link, where your site link to? Linking to good or bad neighbor?
  • Robot.txt blocking; blocking by robots.txt files? Is your robots.txt blocking search engines?
  • Incoming link quality & who’s recommending your website and whose link back to you.
  • Slow website loading time or tremendous amount of server downtime.
  • Google dance or search engines updating the result page.

When you have all the things going good on website though many of you may have seen your site’s ranking on Google Search Results (SR’S) fluctuate and you have wondered why. I have personally seen Google search results fluctuations since I have started my SEO career but for the currently working project its going many times that Google results are fluctuating. I thought for a period that this could work only for some competitive keywords and for some websites; if that was so, we never had in top results earlier for our website. But what I mean here is gaining and losing first page or top positions in cycles. I thought; normally, this doesn’t happen for very competitive keywords, as top players always have SEO experts on their sides. But for less competitive keywords, this is a common phenomenon. I have searched out some reasons that can make your website rankings fluctuate on Google.

Here are some reasons that make website’s rankings fluctuate on Google:

SEO Optimization Removal: it’s possible that if you have removed you Seo work – optimized pages from your website probably by updating your old files to the server, you have caused your site’s rankings to be dropped.

Posting fresh content: Google values fresh content on sites; Adding a new post  to your blog, posting a new article on your website or simply rewriting your site’s homepage could bring forth Google bots to move your website up the scales a few notch. Same could go for your competitors. However, the improvements in rankings don’t last that often unless you keep on updating your site’s content.

Copy Cat - Duplicate content: this is also more likely a guess as I didn’t found any proof  but I was just reading Google Webmaster Help and someone had claimed if your site’s content is copied by someone else, it could fluctuate your rankings. However, I have heard with duplicate content is that rankings will drop to 10+ pages of Google SR’s.

Different Google bots: each Google bot (spider) uses a slightly different algorithm; so, theoretically, when different spiders visit your site, they would rank your site according to their algorithm.
Multiple Data center: Fluctuations occur because Google has multiple data centers, (ips) which responds to queries. Also, Google has implemented rolling algorithm changes, so you can often feel when small changes happen if you are ranked for a competitive keyword. Its my experience that when my sites drop down in ranking for specific keywords, you will find for the next few days your site will jump or drop in positions until Google has the whole lot ironed out.

Hope this post will help you out.

Views for this post are welcome. Share your opinion for Google Search Results fluctuation and facts you have face doing SEO.

Jahanvi Shrimali
SEO  Consultant India

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