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SEO tips tricks – Never take too lightly to heading tags in Onpage SEO

SEO tips tricks – Never take too lightly to header tags in Onpage SEO
Importance of Header tags in on page SEO;  h1, h2 and h3 header tags are important for SEO.

Lets today talk about how magically we can utilize header tags for SEO

First, I will make you understand what header tags are very quickly - The heading tags are HTML tags which are used to hierarchically organize the content of the website or a web page. Headers are intended to provide structure to the webpage.  Typically, as we all know the most important things on a webpage are the biggest and most obvious.

 H1 tags :  Header1 tags, are an HTML term used to show the most major text or image on a page. And they are followed by further H tags, H2 through H6. These tags can be used as by in order from most important to least.

Header tags are also an important on-page SEO aspect because they are used to communicate to the search engines what your website is all about. Search engines distinguish the copy in your header tags as more important than the rest body of the webpage. This starts with your h1 followed by down importance to the h2, h3 and so on.  These header tags will help support the overall theme or purpose of your page.

Two main purposes of having header tags

Visual effect - the original reason for their use. Header tags pull out text in a bold and noticeable font, making them more noticeable. Well-formatted header tags are eye-catching. Users notice them, and are more likely to stop and read your content if they see the keyword they searched for in your headline.
Easy to read; Header tags are not only important from an SEO standpoint; they are also making the page easy to read for the users of website.

Never just throw in whatever content you want into headers. Utilize these headers very wisely. It’s important to utilize your header tags with short-tail and long-tail keywords. As search engines crawl your site, they will pick up on the headers and recognize the keywords you are using as important.

Search Engine communication for content on the webpage -The main modern function of header tags is to highlight the content for search engine spiders. Heading tags (H1 through to H6) are having particularly more weight by search engines than regular body copy. It is the main reason they are included as part of a search engine optimization strategy and the weight search engines give to header tags is the source of debate. Regardless, most SEO firms will recommend that you optimize your header tags with your keywords.

Header tags are a way to pull out important information within your web page. As this information is notice both by users and search engines, the way you word your header tags is important. Despite the debate, header tags are still a big part of most important seo on page optimization strategies.

Let’s get these things in a straight line before we do anything about our heading structure:

The most important heading on the page should be the H1.
There is typically only one H1 on any page.
Sub-headings should be H2′s, sub-sub-headings should be H3′s, etc. and can be more than one.
Each heading should contain important keywords, if you do not want to waste the headers.
If the content is long, a header gives direct vision to the reader about what’s the all story saying about; he can skip or read the content as per his interest.
You can use heading tags in image

 Now the sample codes:

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SEO tips tricks – Never take too lightly to header tags in Onpage SEO

Importance of Header tags in on page SEO

And here is the Extra Quick Tip: Use your important keywords of the webpage in heading tags.  

Have I missed anything? Ring a bell! Write to me.

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