Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't over do it after all SEO for website is one of the ways to get leads

Believing this is totally right… that SEO for website is the way to get leads. SEO is an effort to get visitors who bring us leads. But it should not be the only effort to get leads. We should not forget the fact that.., All these efforts we are putting together is only for getting ‘Leads’, getting ‘Business’.

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Only emphasis on crawlers is totally a waste; due to that website’s design is getting worst day by day and not appealing to visitors.

Of course, having crawler friendly website is ‘good’ but even Google says it’s the ‘best’ to have website that visitors like.

Website with junk is not an SEO friendly design, it always required to have design that easily accessible. SEO is the major requirement for the current web era;

EO is just not a task to finish with website but it also includes overall online marketing term now a days.

Don't just give junk to see your customers. Give them better words to read and good pages to reach.. so they reach you easily. Don't make your website panic for your visitors.

That is - Website design, optimization, visitor friendly, easy accessible, good navigation and major is – communication with visitors on website. It is must to have communication channel by which Visitor can easily communicate to web owner.

Improve you website design and improve you visitor flow, you content says much about your product or services you sale. You should have good content on your pages that can be easily understand by your prospects.

Use images to show your processes. Convey your visitors to fillout the forms.. but that is not the thing that every 5 seconds you show up with a form or pop up windows asking for something.

Give your visitors a better experience visiting your website. They will definitely love to visit again and again to know more about your product and services.

Happy SEOing. .:)
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