Saturday, October 1, 2016

Benefits of using Google AdWords

Google AdWords Benefits –

More and Targetable Website Traffic –

Google handles more than millions searches every day, this you can serve your ad to your targeted prospect customers.

Gone are the days when business owners had to go out into the marketplace and spend wads of advertising dollars on print, radio and television advertising in order to build their customer base.

Your business can be found easily on your target keyword searches, You can bring targeted traffic directly to a Web site.

Instant traffic

This is one of the most important reasons why you can still use Google AdWords.

Google AdWords bring instant gratification or traffic to your Web site.

On-page optimization and off-page optimization is very important for bringing traffic to your online Web site but  it take time to improve your search rank position by doing link building, on-page optimization, Indexing and so on.

Google AdWords showcases relevant ads in relevant sites and also at the top of search pages, which increases the chances of clicks and visits, which later convert to business.

Google AdWords brings instant traffic to a site, which would otherwise take a much longer time and require greater investment. 

Thus, as it comes with instant gratification against a certain investment, it becomes an effective way of bringing immediate traffic to a Web site, which translates into a profitable and successful business.


AdWords PPC is one of the most measurable of online channels.

Unlike traditional marketing channels like T.V, magazines, newspaper etc, online marketing is highly measurable.

AdWords is very transparent as compared to other means of online marketing.

Google Adwords provides many of PPC metric which we can see at a granular level through which 
we can find out what works and what doesn’t for your product or service.

Google AdWords shows how many people notice your ads and what percentage click to visit your website, or call you.

With the tracking tools, you can even see the actual sales your website is generating as a direct result of your ads.


Anyone who uses Google AdWords regularly will immediately tell you that it’s an extremely flexible marketing platform.

AdWords is suitable for all kinds and sizes of organizations. You can literally turn Internet traffic on and off using this system whenever you want. You can start, pause, stop any of your campaign or ad anytime.

This platform is also compatible with a wide range of other marketing platforms and software systems.

You can download campaign data and analyse it using Excell Spreadsheet, PDF.


As an online advertiser, it is essential to maximizing ROI with search marketing using targeting tools. 

Google AdWords’ targeting capabilities provides advertisers various channels in which to fine-tune their campaign.

Google Adwords offers Location Targeting: it allows you to target specific geographic locations.
For each ad campaign, you can select locations where your ad can be shown.

You can choose locations such as entire countries, areas within a country, cities, territories, or even a radius around a location.

Campaigns can be easily customized to focus on specific online users.

You can target people in different locations, people using different devices and people on different websites owned by Google such as the Google search engine, YouTube, and other content websites where Google ads appear.

Google AdWords offers Device Targeting :  it allows you to target your audience based on which device they use to search.

You can reach your prospect customers and refine campaign based on mobile, tablet and desktop 

Google AdWords provide new opportunities to target the right audience at the right time.

This is especially important for advertisers who want to customize their ad text or extensions to grab the attention of their prospect customers when they’re viewing the ad on a differnet device.

Google AdWords offers Language Targeting: it allows many language options for campaign targeting.

Google AdWords offers Time Targeting:  it allows advertisers to select specific  time - hours during the day for best targeting.

Google AdWords offers Auto-Tagging: Tagging destination URLs for analytics tracking has to be manually executed with other advertisers; however this process is automatic with AdWords.


AdWords ads can be really helpful if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site quickly. SEO can take weeks, sometimes months to take effect. AdWords is instant.

You can be up and running on AdWords in a very short space of time. While there is a lot more to AdWords than just campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads, these are the building blocks. And you can set them up very quickly. 

Apear before organic results

You have the option to appear on the first page of the Internet’s biggest search engine. You’re appearing to your prospect customer who’s actively searching for what you offer when they really need it. 

Ads show before organic search results.

Cost Effective

You pay when someone clicks. [For pay-per-click]

One of Google AdWords’ primary benefits is that it’s very cost-effective.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you determine exactly how much you want to spend.

You can set your budget to $10 per day to $5000 per day; there are many options to limit your budget. 


Google remarketing, also known as retargeting, has been chastised in the media for the excessive frequency and poor targeting of the ads.

However, if the audience is grown and cultivated correctly, there is a huge advantage for advertisers to recapture their audience’s attention elsewhere.

Re-targeting involves showing paid ads to users based on their past web activity on your site.
Remarketing allows advertisers to follow users and show ads to them across Google’s large network of partner sites on the Google Display Network.

The best way to ensure these ads are targeted correctly is to build a remarketing list on Google AdWords.

Test Marketing Campaigns

Test Marketing Campaigns means using different types of ads for different keywords.

If a certain ad campaign fails, you can use a different campaign with a different title line and description.

For example, the first marketing campaign can be tested with an exact match, then a phrase match of the keyword, and so on.

You can test marketing campaigns many times without paying anything extra.

Thus, you get many chances to experiment with the right title line and description for display ads. The same goes for having keywords included.

While good performing keywords can be bid high, low performing keywords can be bid lower or removed from the marketing campaign. You get enough tests to experiment with marketing campaigns, which serves as a major plus point for using Google AdWords.

At the end you can say Google Adwords is most flexible, measurable and targeted paid marketing system.

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